We provide information free of charge about the Library’s regulations and the Hungarian

library system in general.
In order to employ other services of the Library the users need to register or – with the
exception of taking away books – are entitled to them after the payment of a daily fee. The
current fees can be found on the Library’s website.

The following services are available for the Library users:

  • Searching services
  • Library’s collection
  • Reading room, stack-room and Electronic Information Service
  • Library staff member assistance for using the computers and other devices
  • Searching services
  • Photocopying, scanning, CD burning and copying
  • Borrowing books
  • Professional information regarding the collection and the available databases Library’s collection



The fee of the registration is of fixed price.
a) The full-time employees of Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, professors,
researchers being in other contractual relationship with the University, certified by the head of
a department.
b) The University’s students.
c) The students enrolled on the University’s courses.
d) Librarians, educators.

The students of other academic institutions and schools, and pensioners may register at a reduced 50 percent price.

Registration is possible during the opening hours, as indicated on the Library’s website. At
the time of registering the library user fills in a MEMBERSHIP STATEMENT. The Library
stores the reader’s data in a digital registry, and ensures the protection of personal data
according to the applying laws. The registered user receives a LIBRARY CARD.

Beside ID, passport, or residence permit, the presentation of the following documents is needed:
In the case of the University’s students: student card.
In the case of students enrolled on the University’s courses: certification of the head of department.

In the case of librarians and educators: MKE (Association of Hungarian Librarians) membership card, or educator ID.

Those without personal income (students) should present a statement of guarantee (downloadable from our website) signed by a surety. The library card is valid from the day of registration until one or half a year, except in the case

of the University’s employees, whose membership is valid until the end of their employment. The membership of the University’s state financed students is valid – after r it in each academic year –until the end or interruption of their studies.

The holders of the library card must inform the Library about any changes of their name, address, or the reception of a new ID. The library card cannot be transferred. The reader assumes liability for each borrowed document, and payment for the services of the Library. In order to avoid possible abuse, the loss of the library card should be reported without
delay. Every reader is obliged to protect the Library’s documents and belongings. Those who deliberately cause damage to the borrowed books or in those that only can be read on the spot, or the Library’s belongings, must pay compensation for the damage.


The items of the Library are either for borrowing (for a term of one or two weeks), or only
for reading on the premises. The majority of the books and maps published after 1945 may
be borrowed, as well as the videotapes and CDs. Borrowing is only possible personally,
and a valid library card is needed. The items are borrowed and taken back digitally, by the
identification of the library card’s and the borrowed item’s barcode. The deadline of the
borrowing and the number of the borrowed items are recorded on the library card.

The books may be borrowed for one or two weeks; books marked with the reading room’s
(yellow) label may be borrowed for one week, books marked with the stock’s (white) label
for two weeks. A maximum of 3 books may be borrowed from the reading room, and 6 from
the stack-room, but no more than 5 altogether. Items with more than 1 volume count as many
items as the number of the volumes.

The deadline of the borrowing may be renewed 2 times, for 1 and 2 weeks on each occasion,
so the maximum term of the borrowing is 3 and 6 weeks. Exception: if hold is placed on the
given item. Renewal may be also requested on phone.

Items not to be borrowed:
Items published prior to 1945
Handbooks, lexicons, type specimen books, and certain dictionaries
Items marked with the stamp: ‘NEM KÖLCSÖNÖZHETŐ!’

Searching: The majority of books obtained from 1995 already can be found in our digital
catalogue’s Corvina Searching System
; some of the older ones can be found only in the
traditional catalogue.

Overdue fees

Readers who exceed the deadline of the borrowing are to pay a fine. As long as they do not
pay the fine, they may not borrow other items, and cannot request renewal. The sum of the
fine may vary; currently it is 50 HUF / book / day in the case of books from the stack-room,
and 100 HUF / book / day in the case of books from the reading room (in the case of items not
to be borrowed, which may be handed out for weekends, it is 150 HUF / book / day).

Letter of notice: After the end of the term of borrowing the Library request the reader via
telephone, email or postal letter to bring back the item(s). Should the requests yield no result
even after this happened, the Library will prosecute its claim.

Lost or damaged items: In the case of the loss or damage of a book or other item the reader is
liable to obtain a copy of the same edition, if possible. If it is not possible, the reader must pay
the double of the original price, in the case of old books the double of its current price.

Inter-library borrowing

If an item cannot be found in the Library, inter-library borrowing is also possible. The
administration of inter-library borrow should be carried out in accordance with the directives
of the National Record Supply System (ODR). The Library, as a member of ODR asks for the
missing items from other Hungarian or foreign libraries to be sent, with the intermediation of
the National Széchényi Library, in original, copy, or digital format, for the current cost. The
possible expenses are charged to the reader’s account. The time of receipt is approximately 2
to 3 weeks. The service is free of charge if the inter-library borrowing request is addressed to
Hungarian libraries. With the help of the software ARIEL the reader can have online access
up to 21 pages to the needed articles and text from the libraries using the same software.