Anyone can register in the library, for which a valid identity card (or in the case of our students, a student card) is required. The library registration is completed by filling out the information form received at the counter and paying the registration and membership fee.

Books can be borrowed for 1 or 2 weeks; those with the reading room (yellow) mark can be taken out for 1 week, those with the stacks (white) mark for 2 weeks. A maximum of 6 books can be borrowed at a time, which may include a maximum of 3 books with the reading room (yellow) mark. A multi-volume work counts as many pieces as many volumes it consists of. Printed journals can only be borrowed by MOME lecturers and doctoral students for the duration of 1 week.

Books with the stacks (white) mark: 50 HUF/day
Books with the reading room (yellow) mark: 100 HUF/day
Books that cannot be borrowed (only issued from closing to opening): 150 HUF/day
Periodicals: 100 HUF/day

You do not need to be enrolled in the MOME Library to be able to borrow from it, it is enough to be a reader of an ODR service library (ODR – National Document Supply System, the list of participating libraries can be viewed here). This is called interlibrary borrowing. In this case, ask the local librarian for the given book, and if you know, tell us exactly where you found it, the name of the author, the exact title, and the call number. This can shorten the processing time of the request.
As a reader enrolled in the MOME Library, you also can borrow from other libraries. We recommend using
The Hungarian National Joint Catalogue (MOKKA) contains the catalogues of the libraries participating in interlibrary lending in Hungary, so we can find out about the whereabouts of those
library documents that are not in the MOME Library’s holdings.
International joint catalogue:
Interlibrary lending is handled by our colleague Katalin Tiry (, please feel free to contact her in person or by e-mail!

Loans can be extended twice in person, by phone, e-mail, or through our online catalogue after
logging in, for the original duration of the borrowing, so the maximum rental period is 3 or 6 weeks.
Exception: if there is already a reservation for the document!

You can renew your loan online in our catalogue by logging in. For this you need the barcode number
of your student ID or library card, and the month and day of your birth as a password (for example
0916 for the 16 th of September). Please note that you cannot extend your loan with an expired library
card or books that are overdue!

Photocopying and printing prices:
A4 black and white: 10 HUF/page
A4 colour: 50 HUF/page
A3 black and white: 20 HUF/page
A3 colour: 100 HUF/page
A printer card is required for photocopying and printing, the price of which is 500 HUF (card: 300
HUF + prepaid balance: 200 HUF) You can buy the card from in the library and top up its balance by
the unit of 500 HUF as needed.
MOME students can use their student ID card or security access card as a printer card.
Scanning (although it also requires a printer card) is free of charge.
Free WIFI is available in the library area, ask our staff for the username and password.

You can return borrowed books anytime, regardless of opening hours. Go to the left from the library’s entrance, then turn to the right, and a little further from the glass wall you’ll find an opening beneath a computer screen. Place a book in the opening, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.