The Library of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) occupies an important place among Hungarian art libraries, but its primary function is to create a literary background for the training at the University. The task of the Library is to collect all domestic publications on applied arts and design, while it acquires books on fine arts and foreign language specialist books in a selective manner.

printed book catalogue

You can search for printed books in the traditional library catalogue, and extend your loans after
logging in. To log in enter the barcode number of the library or student card, and the month and day of
your birth (e.g., 0916 for the 16 th of September).

The joint catalogue contains almost the entire collection of the library. In addition to the printed books, the following collections can be searched on a single interface:

Moholy-Nagy collection (Donation by Dr. Krisztina Passuth)

doctoral works

diploma theses (BA, MA, specialized courses)

motion picture collection

e-books of 8 databases

To search in individual collections, select them using the search boxes on the right side of the

Printed periodicals

Our printed periodical stock covers more than a thousand titles. The subscriptions of recent years can
be tracked on the website and can be found in the magazine storage in the reading room on the ground
floor. Journals older than this can be requested with the help of librarian colleagues. Periodicals cannot
be borrowed.

Online databases

In addition to the library’s printed books and journals, scientific databases help students and researchers. The online databases subscribed by MOME are not only accessible from the IP domain of the university, but are also accessible from anywhere outside the university campus area by MOME
citizens with eduID (Shibboleth) identification.


Anyone can register in the library, for which a valid identity card (or in the case of our students, a student card) is required. The library registration is completed by filling out the information form received at the counter and paying the registration and membership fee.

Books can be borrowed for 1 or 2 weeks; those with the reading room (yellow) mark can be taken out for 1 week, those with the stacks (white) mark for 2 weeks. A maximum of 6 books can be borrowed at a time, which may include a maximum of 3 books with the
reading room (yellow) mark. A multi-volume work counts as many pieces as many volumes it consists of. Printed journals can only be borrowed by MOME lecturers and doctoral students for the duration of 1 week.


Loans can be extended twice in person, by phone, e-mail, or through our online catalogue after logging in, for the original duration of the borrowing, so the maximum rental period is 3 or 6 weeks. Exception: if there is already a reservation for the document!

You can renew your loan online in our catalogue by logging in. For this you need the barcode number of your student ID or library card, and the month and day of your birth as a password (for example 0916 for the 16 th of September). Please note that you cannot extend your loan with an expired library card or books that are overdue!

You can return borrowed books anytime, regardless of opening hours. Go to the left from the library’s entrance, then turn to the right, and a little further from the glass wall you’ll find an opening beneath a computer screen. Place a book in the opening, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.